Consolidate all your "to-do" lists.  You may have one in your car, one by the phone and one on your desk.  I like mine right in my Smartphone so I can access it wherever I am.  If I have a few extra minutes while waiting  for an appointment, I may be able to do one of those items listed and be one job ahead!
Tote bags!  We pick them up at every conference!  Some are great for the grocery store so you don't need to waste getting a plastic bag (which will just end up in a landfill).  Those I keep in the trunk of my car so they are always with me when I stop for shopping.  Those that are not suited for that task can be MANY in number.  And how many do you really need??  Pick out 2 or 3 that give you pleasure when you remember the occasion, and are also good for toting to the gym or a one night overnight.  I keep mine at the back door which I use to enter the garage.  That way they are available to me as I am heading out and might have my hands full.  The rest simply donate as there are others that could certainly use them!  If they are worn, ripped or dirty, ditch!

Many times clients are not sure what is clutter and unnecessary in their homes or home offices.  As many Professional Organizers will tell you, anything that does not have a purpose or bring you joy is clutter.  Get rid of it!  Being overwhelmed or weighed down with "stuff" can make your life stressful and leave you feeling overwhelmed.  Make this year the time where you can do one or two little things per day to remove clutter from your home.  You will be amazed at the calm it brings you!
Wondering what to do with all that paper that keeps piling up?  In my business, the paper is always the hardest work to tackle.  What will we need?  What don't we need?  

I like to use January to purge no longer needed paperwork from last year.  If you get an annual  summary  statement from your broker, do you really need to keep the monthly statements?  If your health insurance has paid your claim and the doctor is paid off, do you need those old EOBs (Explanation of Benefits) from the insurance company?  If it is something you will need for filing taxes, such as your property tax bill or a receipt from a charitable donation, make a folder for 2014 taxes and pop it in so you will know where to find it! when you are ready to work on preparing your taxes.

Be sure to shred anything with personal information. A small home shredder is a good investment.  Try Office Depot or Staples and watch for a good sale.

Keeping up with paperwork daily and then annually really helps keep paper under control.  And more control of the clutter can make 2015 a very good year.

If you are like many of us, you got a lot of gifts and it is now time to put them in their place.  Before doing so, decide for each if this is something that you truly want, or is it going to simply take up space in the back of a closet.  If it is not something that will bring you pleasure or something you don't want or need, exchange it if you are able, donate it, or give it to a friend.  (NOT the same friend that gave it to you, obviously!)

Those items you are keeping need a place in your home where they belong.  You can create space by getting rid of broken, unused or duplicate items now hogging valuable space.  Purging that pone area where the new gift will be allows for a real win-win!  And, don't forget the thank you note!