The new year is a good time to purge thru old magazines and catalogs.  Get rid of any magazines over 3 months old.  Catalogs you may have wanted at the holiday time can now get ditched.  This is an easy task, so get started now.  

Getting rid of clutter allows for space to make new memories. The year ahead will hold lots of great new times and experiences.  Make room for those with decluttering some each day.  
This is a great time for purging of your closet. You can do so by working with the following steps:

1. Set a date and put it on your calendar. 4 hours is a good timeframe to allow. If you feel you can't come up with one 4 hour slot of time, schedule 2 sessions for yourself of 2 hours each.

2. Gather supplies. Be sure you have a full-length mirror for try ons. Assemble 4 boxes, clearly marked DONATE, KEEP, TAILOR AND DITCH. Every piece you remove from the closet can go in one of these boxes.

3. Once getting everything out of the closet, decide the best way to put back those items you want to keep. I like putting all the slacks together, long sleeve blouses, short sleeve blouses, etc. I also do them by color order. Will that work for you, or do you prefer putting it back by outfits all assembled since you are always running late in the morning?

4. Be sure to take care of the other boxes ASAP. Schedule a time to get those alterations taken in, the donation box off to your favorite charity or shelter, and make your ditch into rags if the fabric would work for that. Be sure to cut in half so you remember these are RAGS and not to be put back in the closet once washed.

Remember you are bringing calm to your life as you purge and helping someone else with those items going off to a charity. Isn't that enough reason to get this going this weekend?
Over a year ago I wrote about To Do lists, and I think it is time to repeat it for new readers and those that maybe didn't act upon it the first time.

I used to have several TO DO lists around the house.  That really doesn't work.  For greater efficiency, combine them all into one and keep it posted on your refrigerator or better yet, in your smart phone.  I like having mine in the phone for many reasons--like when I am at CVS and can take a peak on the phone to see if I am running low on a pharmacy item I can pick up then, rather than making a separate trip.  It saves time and keeps your TO DO list handy to review when waiting in line somewhere to be sure you are on top of what needs to get done.  
Coffee Table books can really get out of hand in our house.  How about yours?  Take a look at what you have.  Get rid of those that don't bring you great joy and keep the rest.  If you have more than 2, try putting the others on the bookshelf and rotating them from time to time.  Easy, quick way to do your organizing task today!