In the Parade magazine which arrived along with my Sunday paper this morning, the cover article was about HGTV's Property Brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott.  I have friends that love their reality show about fixing up your current home, or purchasing a new one.  The article states that they do 50 full-blown renovations each year.  WOW!  They must be busy guys.  

They have a list of five changes that make a BIG difference--Number 1 is DECLUTTERING!  You don't need to spend a fortune on getting your home redone!  You can do it, sometimes with the help of a Professional Organizer, and declutter and see the beauty created by getting rid of STUFF!  Remember the rule--if it doesn't bring you great joy or serve a purpose, it is CLUTTER!  You are also helping someone else as you pass along those things in good condition to a shelter, Goodwill, or another non-profit of your choosing.  Get a receipt for your donations and you get the tax benefit next April 15!  

Start now and see your home--and you--transform into a place of calm.
I hope if you or someone you know in the Celebration or SW Orlando area needs an organizer, you will contact me.  But, if you live in another area, here is how you can find someone to serve YOU!  Good luck, and happy organizing!
Even with lots of hints here on my blog,  many of my clients call me simply because it is hard to get started decluttering and organizing.  Once they see the process with a 2-4 hour appointment, they are able to keep going on their own in future sessions.  Living in Central Florida and know someone that can use my help?  Give me a call for a gift certificate!  An easy way to lend a helping hand!  Contact me at

Do you find it hard to locate the cord you need when looking into a drawer or box of a jumbled mess?  Here is how I solve that with my clients.  Using empty toilet paper rolls, I simply note on them the exact cord that is rolled inside.  On extension cords, I also use a Sharpie to indicate the length on the plug portion at the end.  This is a quick and easy job you can try to make life a lot easier each time you are seeking a cord for a job in the future!
By breaking up your cluttered areas into manageable tasks, and then staying on that task, you can handle things easier as you strive to organize your home or home office.  Doing so will allow you to see results, and the pleasure that will bring, and keep you motivated for another piece to be undertaken in the near future.  

As I have said before, I think a few hours works best...enough to get a job done, while not getting overwhelmed with too much.  Have things to bring to donate to a charity at the end?  Put them either boxed up or bagged into your car so you can deliver them there soon.  Stuff to ditch?  Get it out into the trash.  Stopping mid-way through the task can sometimes cause upset as the area may look even worse than when you started.  Yes, pulling EVERYTHING out of a pantry or closet is the way to start, but you need to keep going from there to get the job done.  Keep on task rather than getting distracted by the phone or the mail being delivered.  Give yourself more calm in your life by allowing time to do some decluttering and organizing each day.  Even a small area, like getting a kitchen counter cleared off, is something that can add up to make a big difference.