Keeping those things we access all the time might be best kept in a basket or attractive box so it can be out and available, but not unsightly and messy looking.  Try setting aside attractive boxes you may get with gifts so that those are available to you as you declutter.  
When you do some organizing in your home or office, work on just one area at a time, rather than jumping around from one area to another.  You'll see results quicker and get more done as you are working effectively.  If you are just starting, take on something you can finish in one session, like your bathroom medicine cabinet or the area under the bathroom sink.  The results will spur you on to continue elsewhere when you next have a block of time to work on decluttering!~
Going on trip?  Make use of your time waiting for your flight by recharging your phone.  Take off with a fully charged phone ready for the start of your time away from home!  

You know that there is going to be wait time, so bring reading or things to do so you can use your time effectively and not find it frustrating if the flight is late.  Stay organized in travel by packing light.  Up, up and away!

When starting your decluttering process, you must first determine what is clutter.  Clutter is anything that does not serve a purpose or bring you great joy.  

Your mixer you got for your birthday which works great and has a home in the kitchen...not clutter.  The sweater you never wear which has been in your closet the last two years because your mom gave it to you and even though you hate it and will never wear it is still there...CLUTTER!  The new cat toy that your cat has zero interest in...CLUTTER!  The dish soap next to the sink...not clutter.  The earrings you love that you wear every New Year's Eve still sitting at your front door from when you came home new year's morning at 4 a.m...not clutter, but they need a home.  Keeping all your earrings together, you know where they go, so put them there.  

If it is determined to be clutter, donate or ditch.  If it is not clutter, make sure it has a home.  Now you know, so get to work!
When I am at the kitchen sink washing my hands, I don't want to waste a paper towel each time or look everywhere for a clean dishcloth.  I therefore hang a small dishcloth on the cabinet right next to the sink and use it ONLY for drying hands, so it simply stays right there so I can always find it.  When I put in a load of wash, I automatically add it to be sure it is getting washed frequently.  Give it a won't believe how many paper towels you will save and the joy it creates in finding what you need immediately every time!
If you are a regular at your gym, consider getting a locker.  Leaving your shampoo, deodorant, and an extra set of clothes for after you shower can simplify your visits a great deal.  Give it a try and see if you agree!

Each time you vacuum it is a great opportunity to get everything picked up that is currently on the floor. and doesn't belong there.  Don't vacuum around it--pick it up and get it to its home.  Magazines you are done with?  Out the door!  Baby toys thrown from the crib?  Clean and put them back.  Decluttering while you are cleaning makes both jobs more productive and leads to a greater sense of accomplishment afterwards!

When we declutter, a lot of dust can get spread around the room.  An easy way to get rid of dust on your computer screen is simply to swipe it with a coffee filter.  You can use it on your computer monitor and TV screens.  

Face it...when we are sick we don't have a lot of patience.  So whether it is diarrhea or a sore throat, we want to get help fast and usually get into bed to give the meds time to work.  

Looking into your linen closet on the shelves you keep your health aids may be a bit frightening.  There is more there than you could ever use and it is time to purge and organize it, now before you are next sick and need to find something and can't.

First take everything off the shelf (or shelves if you have more than one!!)  Get rid of anything that is expired or something you will never use again.  See my previous post about getting rid of medications properly, if you don't recall.  Wipe down the shelves so that you are putting things back in a clean area.

Now, place like items together.  You see this a lot in my posts--a cardinal rule for all organizing.  Everything for the tummy in one area, everything for aches and pains in another, colds and flu remedies will have their space, etc.  Put them back in so that there is an easy process the next time you want to find something for that aching head--without having to wade through everything else!