According to Marni Jameson in the Saturday April 16 issue of the Orlando Sentinel--and ME--it is highly unlikely that your kids will want your stuff.  All those things you have paid so much for over the years, those collectables you hold so dear, those things that are part of family history even--the kids just don't want them.  They still love you--just not the stuff.  Give some thought to what you might do with your things as you downsize and declutter, but don't be hurt too much if the grown children simply have no interest!
Augggh! It's almost Mother's Day! I've always loved gifts of time or hand-made gifts. It means so much to me that someone would spend effort to celebrate me.

A great idea for Mother's Day might be for you to give your mom the gift of your time to work with her organizing a space in her house. Maybe a pantry or entry way by the front door or her bedroom closet. Working side by side will make a "chore" lots of fun. My mom and I used to gab and gab as we worked on an area is her home together. A big benefit as well. And your mom will have the result to enjoy every time she sees the organized area, and maybe get motivated to organize some additional areas on her own. Write a note inside your Mother's Day card and get it on the calendar. It is truly a gift from your heart.
Do you have credit cards you haven't used in ages and have no intent of using?  Should you close those accounts?  Check out what US News says about the pros and cons of closing them in 2014.   Also, Experian, one of the three major credit bureaus along with Equifax and TransUnion, has a piece from last year about the effect on your credit score, if that is of concern to you.  It is at 

I like to use one card for personal use and one for business, and have a back up for personal use in the event my primary card is stolen or lost and I need something just briefly until my replacement card arrives.  More than that is just clutter to me, but we all have different situations, so be sure to research what is best for YOU before taking action.  

Get rid of instruction manuals other than those you refer to all the time—like your printer.  You probably never use 99% of them and they are now available on line.

In The Happiness Project, author Gretchen Rubin writes about the correlation between reduction of clutter  and increased happiness.  With that reduction, she found less drain on her energy, and there was order and serenity as she accomplished her task.  She feels, as do I, that “…physical surroundings influence spiritual happiness.”  In Gretchen's 21 Day Project “De-Clutter My Life” she states that outer order contributes to inner calm.  Look to find calm with you as you declutter and organize your home and your life.