Since we are in the midst of redoing our laundry room, I have been busy reading all I can about how best to organize it, and taking lots of hints from what I find on the internet.  Even with the enlarged space, I still need to make use of every inch.  Here are a few ideas I have found that I like that I thought you might find interesting too.  Other thoughts?  Share them in comments!  I would love to learn all I can!

When you look around your home,  “imagine the life you want to live” (as Peter Walsh says in his book It’s All Too Much

I think as you imagine this, you will see that decluttering is exactly what you need to do to start getting to where you want to be.  Get started!  Even if you only give it 30 min or an hour the first day, start on a small area so you can see the dynamic difference and be motivated to keep going.  A little every day, or longer sessions each weekend.  Whatever suits you best, but truly we ALL have too much stuff.  (A short post today as I need to go do a bit of decluttering in MY home now!)


In the scope of a happy life, a messy desk or an overstuffed coat closet is a trivial thing, yet I find - and I hear from other people that they agree - that getting rid of clutter gives a disproportionate boost to happiness. --Gretchen Rubin


    This is a repeat post from 2014.  I think it is worth a reminder!

    It's always a challenge getting through every magazine I would like.  I even keep one or two in the car so when I am stuck waiting somewhere I have something to read so as not to waste the time.

    But, after three months it is time to ditch old magazines, or better yet, pass them along to a friend or a doctor's office.  If you have had it on hand for three months and not read it, you are likely NOT going to.  Time to get rid of those and clean up that pile that seems to be constantly growing.  

    How about those old cookbooks?  Nearly all the recipes I use now are online.  I can pass the old ones to our library for their book sale for those that still use cookbooks.  This frees up greatly needed space and is an easy item to part with.  My feeling is any cookbook that we aren't using should get donated and give me back the extra space I can then use!

Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.Albert Einstein