Living with clutter can weigh you down.  It drains you psychologically and can distract and stress you.  Adding order to the things that surround you will give you calm and peace.  There is no time like the present to start adding order to your life.  Remember to start with small steps--a medicine cabinet in the bathroom, the space under the sink in the kitchen, a pantry or that table top right next to the door where you enter your home.  The results will amaze you and spur you on to take on other places and calm will result as you see your successes!

When searching for professional organizers here in the Orlando area, be sure to choose someone that fits YOUR needs so you are a good match and can get a lot accomplished.  I pride myself on being nonjudgmental and results oriented.  With a direct approach to deciding what to keep and what can be given away or trashed, you will find great results.  More calm enters your life as you see order beginning to take place around you!
Use little boxes you probably already have on hand to make "sections" in your drawer.  An easy way to store make-up, office supplies or even organize that junk drawer in your kitchen.  Remember to put "like with like" as you choose sections for each item!  Easy to do and doesn't cost you a cent.
What will you declutter this weekend?  Remember to choose a space that you can do in the timeframe you have available so that you will see results and can remain motivated to keep up the process.  I am going thru all my nail polish and ditching ones that are no good and will donate those that are colors I never use anymore.  What about you?
Is it time for a makeover for your files?  After purging thru what you no longer need (instruction booklets now available online, old bank statements that are already reconciled--well, you know what I mean) go to see all the cool new products from Pendaflex which make organizing files so much easier.  I love being able to color code things with their colored handing folders, green for financial files, yellow for vacation ideas....  You determine what will work best for you and then get the appropriate products.  I like to use Staples or Amazon--fair prices and lots of the great things Pendaflex makes.  You'll love working at your desk after sprucing up--even if it just to pay the bills!  http://pendaflex.com/filing.html
Having lots of photos around, from before we all went digital, can seem overwhelming.  When you can finally start the job to get them organized be sure to get rid of any that are less than ideal or are duplicates.  Sometimes it is nice to send along the duplicate to others in the picture.  Maybe you have two copies of your now adult child as a baby with his grandmother.  That may be a treasured reminder for him. When I try to decide, I simply ask myself...is this something worthy of framing and displaying in my home?  If not, I get rid of it.  You are going to need to be realistic that purging through your photo collection is going to be time consuming but can also be lots of fun. 

If you are in Central Florida, now is the time to plan to attend my free lecture at the West Osceola Library. As a Professional Organizer I will be in Celebration offering a free one hour interactive lecture about organizing ideas for use in the home. These helpful hints will bring you more calm and order to your life as you implement organization in your house. 

Thursday June 11
7pm to 8pm
West Osceola Library, Celebration
Multipurpose Room
No need to RSVP

Before making a purchase of something new, be sure to ask yourself is this something you NEED, will USE, and have somewhere to STORE IT within your home.  If it doesn't fit that criteria, you probably should pass on that purchase, as it will simply add to more clutter.  
When organizing, always start with a small area.  You will see your results more quickly and be motivated to take on the next area.  The bathroom medicine cabinet, under the sink in your bathroom or kitchen or a small pantry.  Remember, if it doesn't serve a purpose or bring great pleasure, it is time to ditch, pass on or donate.  Decluttering is a great way to start the summer!