If you are like a lot of us, the attic is packed in your house, and you may have very little knowledge of what is there.  It's time to clear it out and organize it...but where do you start???

As with all organizing, decluttering is step ONE.  As you unload each item from the attic, decide if you are keeping it (meaning it brings you great joy or serves a purpose) donating it or tossing it in the trash.  If the job is going to be huge, will you need to rent a dumpster to put in the front yard to fill as you encounter all that trash?  Also, decide where you would like to donate things, and be sure to segment each item into one of these categories: ditch, donate and keep elsewhere in the house (i.e. doesn't belong in the attic and needs to be put away elsewhere in the home) and finally those things that will go back into the attic.  When planning a good block of time to take on this chore, you might want to enlist the help of family or a friend as there may be heavy things to be moved.  When we did this at my in-laws (after many many years of being untouched) we had all the siblings there which made the job go quickly when there are 7 grown kids in the family!

Once you have completed the decluttering, sweep out the area and determine zones within the attic to keep your holiday decorations, skiing equipment, extra luggage etc.  Be sure those things you use most often are easy to access.  Any "bins" that go up there or garment bags must be clearly marked on all sides for easy identification.  Once you are done, stand back and enjoy your hard work and take pride in what you have done! You will see it also will add more calm to your life...just what we all need.    
A few hints when organizing your closet should help the task be easier and more effective in the end!

1.  As we have discussed before many times with every organizing project, DECLUTTER first.  The old purse from 2001, the bell bottom jeans, the top that is way too small...all go!  Anything that does not give you great pleasure or serve a purpose goes!  It may go to Goodwill, your daughter or the trashcan, but it DOESN'T stay in your home!  Be sure to take every item out, so it is empty and you can evaluate what you have to work with.

2.  Remember you want those items used most frequently to be the easiest accessible.  Don't put your 3 long gowns that you might wear every 2 years in front and center of the rod.  Put them in the very back, freeing up the best place for those items you wear most.  

3.  Group like items together.  I have all my tops together, then all the short sleeve together within that group and then by color within that section.  I like my slacks front and center since I rarely wear my dresses or skirts.  Think about what you wear most before putting things back in.  Do the same with your shoes.  

4.  Remember that shelves are normally adjustable.  Don't assume you need to use them where they are currently located.  It might be better suited for your use to move them up or down, creating different sized spaces.

5.  I like having matching hangers.  BUT, wait to buy those until you see what kind of quantity you will need.  No sense buying 400 if you only need 75!

It really feels great opening up the closet door each day to see only those items you would actually use rather than the cluttered mess of last week!  Get started!
Empty EVERYTHING out from your closet, purging as you go, to start your project.
I recently read the following online:

Chris Ducker who has the podcast, “Youpreneur” said, “if it isn’t scheduled, it won’t get done.” 

WOW!  Is that ever true with me!  I like to have everything scheduled, including time to organize.  I fully reorganize my pantry twice a year, and it is on the calendar to repeat every 6 months.  I do the same with fully cleaning out the dryer vent and cleaning the inside of the washing machine by running thru an empty "load" with white vinegar.  In replacing the air filter in the AC, I would never remember to do so without it on the calendar each month.  We like to have the AC serviced once a year, so again, I put it on the calendar and I am sure to do it.  Not noted on calendar, I would forget for sure.  

Think about things you  need to schedule so you too won't forget...then add those on your phone or paper calendar, whichever you keep.  It makes life so much easier to have those reminders appear in front of you when reviewing the calendar!  And, making life easier is what it is all about, right?
Writer A. J.  Agrawal made some excellent points this week online.  I find this to be true and wanted to share his words with you.  With the stress reduction he refers to, comes calm, which I have stated before.

"The main reason that it is important to declutter your life is that it is a means of stress reduction. The less you have to worry about and the less you have to clean up, the more time you have to spend enjoying life and taking part in what matters most to you. Decluttering your life also leads to better performance at work and more cohesion at home."

With the stress reduction he refers to, comes calm, which I have stated before.