According to Laurie March, HGTV's House Counselor, moths HATE those little silica packets that you find in shoeboxes and handbags.  Therefore, put them into your storage containers to keep clothes dry and moth-free!
If you are working on your bedroom area this week, purging and organizing, here are a few items you can ditch without any question.
1.  Worn out underwear
2.  Earrings that have no match
3.  Accessories you have not worn in over a year (these may be worth going to the Salvation Army or Goodwill)
4.  Tee shirts that are ripped.  (If these are cotton, they might make great rags!)
I bet you will find that you can get rid of at least some of the following--maybe all of them.  Look around and see.

1. Shoes that pinch, or no longer fit and don't look good.  Taking up valuable closet space makes them even LESS appealing!  Give those to Goodwill or a shelter where they can serve a purpose to someone in need.

2.  Extra shopping bags.  Ok, keep a couple.  You don't need the other 48 that are on top of your fridge!

3.  Any sheet sets for which you no longer have that size mattress.

4.  Beauty products in your bathroom that no longer work for you.  Check the shower and below the sink as well as on top of the sink to be sure you have covered all areas.  

5.  Cups or mugs with tiny chips in the rim.  Don't take a chance of cutting your lip or the lip of a guest.  Ditch!

6.  Any attachments, parts or supplies for a vacuum that you no longer own.  Included are the extra bags and belts.  

7.  Extra flower vases which you got when your husband sent you flowers.  You probably have plenty, so donate those extras.  Valuable cabinet space is being wasted!

8. Pass along or donate books which you have already read, or started and didn't like.  Think of the pleasure you are adding to the life of others and it makes the "getting rid of " part much easier.

9.  Your worn out jacket or sweater that has been in your front closet which you haven't worn anyway for ages.

10. All that camping equipment which you used once, in 2004.  Time to donate that.

Look around.  Let me know what else you see that frankly you realize can be immediately tossed!  Feels good to do that...doesn't it?!
Spending just a little time online or by phone, you can locate a charity that can use almost any of your giveaways from your decluttering.  Electronics, clothing, books, non-perishable (and unopened) food, household items--there is a new home for them somewhere and you'll get a great feeling knowing you have helped others, while helping yourself!  Before heading to the trash, think first if there may be someone that could make use of something that is no longer of use to you!
When doing some decluttering this holiday weekend (you DO plan to do some decluttering--right???) be sure to keep this one thing in mind.  Clutter is anything that does not serve a purpose or bring you great joy.  If it's clutter, get rid of it.  Clutter weighs us down and getting rid of clutter will bring calm into your space and your life.