If you still have VCR tapes, consider if you really want what is on them. If you do, get them converted to DVDs. There are companies that can easily do that if you wish. You can even get it done through Walgreens. Do it now before the tapes degrade.  http://photo.walgreens.com/…/store…/storePageId=DVD+Transfer

No better time than the present to start decluttering around the house.  Holidays are approaching and having additional calm in your life is what we all desire!  Reducing clutter will also reduce stress, upset and possibility of tripping or other accidents.  If you find you have tried and just feel you can't get started, call me!  We are here to help.  

Webster defines Clutter as "a collection of things lying about in an untidy mass" I suggest as you work on Decluttering that you keep the following definition in mind...Anything that does not serve a purpose or bring you great joy.

Let the decluttering begin!

Many people find that getting started is the toughest part of organizing.  I advise a few simple hints to help get you going.  

1. Put time limits on your work.  If you dread it because you feel it is going to be so time consuming, give yourself a timeframe to work so you know when you will stop for today.  Maybe an hour is plenty for you, or you might feel better with a three hour shift.  Either way, decide ahead of time and set a timer.

2.  Take on something where you will see the results.  Paper is something that can be very time consuming and the results are not as satisfying as seeing your entire pantry or dresser drawers decluttered and reorganized.  

3.  Have a Goodwill bag right at your work area to pop in anything you are donating.  Once done, put it in your car to bring by and drop off wherever you wish to donate.  That way it isn't sitting around where it can tempt you to take a second look and reconsider!  Once you have decided to ditch or donate, stick with your decision.

4.  Remember in clearing out old memories you are making space for new memories.  And keep the definition of clutter foremost in your mind--ANYTHING THAT DOES NOT GIVE YOU GREAT JOY OR SERVE A PURPOSE IS CLUTTER!

Happy decluttering.  Let me know how you do.  Just baby steps are very important steps.  Good for you for getting started!
I don't like to stack my pans because I worry about damaging the inside non-stick finish.  So, something like the Rubbermaid pan organizer, available at Amazon, solves the problem...for under $15.
If you're like me, you have a lot of store reward cards.  It was too much for my wallet so I went digital!  I downloaded the Key Ring app free to my iPhone and it prompted me to scan in each card.  Once done, there is then no need for the hard copy card!.  Friends have also used the app CardStar, also free and very similar.  At the store, pull up the bar code on your phone, and they simply scan it right from your screen!  Isn't life easy with a smart phone?

Knowing where to donate or discard items can sometimes be a challenge!  Here are some ideas to get you started!

Fancy dresses— www.beccascloset.org or check with the local High School to see if they have a prom/homecoming dress collection 

Old cell phones— www.americancellphonedrive.org

Textbooks— sellbackyourbook.com

Old hearing aids— http://www.lionsclubs.org/resources/EN/pdfs/iad17.pdf or http://www.hearingaiddonations.org

Old eyeglasses— http://www.lionsclubs.org/EN/how-we-serve/health/sight/eyeglass-recycling.php or http://www.lenscrafters.com/onesight#sd

Very high end clothes and handbags—— shop-hers.com

Computer recycling— www.staples.com/Tech_Recycling  (BE CERTAIN IT IS TOTALLY WIPED CLEAN!)

Leftover foreign money— U.S. Fund for UNICEF ATTN: Change for Good Program 125 Maiden Lane New York, NY 10038

Expired meds--fda.gov for proper disposal of such

Freecycle.org—still good to someone else where you can offer things for free; leave on porch for pick up

Electronics, batteries, power steering fluid
recycle app for your phone
Remember when you are decluttering that everything you own belongs in one of four areas:  DONATE, KEEP (meaning that it brings you great joy or serves a purpose and has a place for you to store it) TRASH, SELL (yard sale, eBay, Craigslist...)  Each time you consider something that you have, decide if it is bringing you great joy or serving a purpose.  If it is neither, you need to get rid of it--trash, sell, or donate.  If you are going to sell it, do it fast.  You don't want to keep it around and have it continue to serve as clutter.  If you find it doesn't sell...donate it.  Now, get started!  No time like the present to declutter and organize.