Moving can seem like an overwhelming task to any of us.  And, you certainly don't want to move anything you don't need or want, so be sure to resolve only to pack those things that are NOT clutter.  What is that?  Anything that brings you great joy or serves a purpose.  Otherwise, it is time to donate, ditch or pass along to someone else that can use it.

Andrew Mellen, an expert on order in NYC gave some great guidelines in the August 2016 Real Simple magazine on starting actions for you as you move.  

"Work backwards from your end date, scheduling manageable blocks for packing-- and mark them on your calendar and set a timer" he says.  Also, "If you're 3 weeks out or less, consider yourself down to the wire.  Stop thinking about living in your home and begin thing of it as camping"  He goes on to suggest that you set aside a week's worth of clothes and essentials for each of you in the household.  That way, everything else is free game to pack.  I think it is also always good to pack one box marked as FIRST BOX, which should be loaded last onto the truck and off-loaded first!  This should contain things like paper towels, toilet tissue, soap--anything you need immediately that first day so you don't have to go searching.  Every time I have moved that has made it lots easier for me.  I hope these ideas help you as well.
Real Simple magazine is my FAVORITE and as soon as it arrives I turn right to the organizing articles!

I also get emails from them with great ideas!  Today I got one that they titled "
Our Best Organizing Tricks of All Time."  Well, naturally it didn't take long for me to open that and start reading!

Here are their suggestions.  Frankly I don't agree with them all, but see what you think!  My comments are in italics.  

  • Identify Obstacles
Start at the root—think about what is keeping you from staying neat. We have found that it’s often the spot where you are storing clothes. If you find yourself constantly wrestling with drawers—they're too shallow or too heavy, they stick, or they're broken—replace the dresser and the task won’t be nearly as taxing. The replacement does not have to cost you an arm and a leg—try Ikea. We tend to avoid things that are physically difficult and therefore a fully functioning replacement piece will save you time and energy for many years to come.

  • Choose Uniform Containers
Using a set of the same containers will instantly neaten up a space and help create a uniform and organized cabinet or pantry.  Never buy containers or closet organizers before you have TOTALLY decluttered that area so you will know what you truly need.  

  • Avoid the paper pileup!

It’s tempting to drop a stack of mail on the counter and walk away—promising yourself that you will deal with it later. Instead, try going straight from your mailbox to the recycling bin. Once there, quickly sift through and toss out unsolicited junk mailers, flyers, and postcards. Then handle the balance.  You have seen this one before in my blog, so I hope you are already doing this!

  • Have a Donation Bin on Hand--Here's another one I have encouraged you to do many times!!
Designating a place where you can put items you want to donate will prompt you to eliminate clutter before it has a chance to pile up. Try keeping a bin easily accessible.  I keep mine right in the closet and when full it goes right to the trunk of my car where I then take it to the charity of my choice.

Store Items where you Use Them--Again, this is something we have talked about a number of times.  Extra sets of sheets?  Keep them in the closet of the bedroom where they will be used.  

  • Conquer piles
If you have a pile problem, which I hope you don't if you are a long time reader of my blog, tell yourself this: “Everything in a pile is a deferred decision.” When you had the item in your hand, you did not decide where it should live so you set it down. The next “decision” landed on top of that one, and so on, leading to a stack of indecision. Change the habit: stop and think, “Wait, where should this go?” The extra seconds spent putting it in its correct spot will save you many minutes down the road. And nobody’s perfect: It’s okay to have a basket of “action items” so long as you also schedule a time to put them away.

  • Attach a Guilty Pleasure to a Chore
Plan an organizing session right before an activity you enjoy, like watching a movie or reading a book. It takes away some of the negative charge and motivates you to get the task done efficiently.  Hey, that's an easy one, right?

Their last one I am not listing because I hate it!  But, if you must satisfy your curiosity, go to
As you are decluttering, you may find you need some help. Many cannot do this alone and that is totally understandable. So, where do you go for this help?

You might start with your adult children. They are there at no cost, they know you and your stuff and if they are willing can be a big help.

If that isn't working, consider a Personal Organizer, such as...ME. I work as a nonjudgmental helper to keep you on track and getting the process to move along, with you always in charge of anything that gets ditched, donated, kept or sold.

An estate liquidator might be helpful if you have a lot that you want auctioned off. You will get pennies on the dollar, but it also someone else carrying the workload. I have used them and found it a great relief.

Senior Move Managers can help you if you are relocating and need someone to oversee the entire process from start to finish. Be sure to check references!! And, they aren't cheap!

Junk haulers bring a big truck and make all the trash items go away. You would need to have it all ready for them as they just take it and get rid of it at the landfill. Some people find this hard to actually watch their things leave, or you may find it freeing. Be sure to think it through.

These are ideas for major decluttering. I hope it gives you the keys to get started today.
I saw this idea at about using shower curtain hooks for storing your scarves and loved it!