Perging through your sock drawer can result in your having some stray odd socks without the match.  The dryer eats one from time to time, is my only explanation.  Wondering what to do with those?  Go to http://www.maggiesmatches.com/index.html and see how they can be used by the homeless.  Easy and fun plus you end up with an organized sock drawer! Click on donate within her site to know where to send the socks for this good use.  

Old textbooks can take up valuable bookshelf space. Sell them and make more space and money!
Bookshelf space can be very valuable!  Sorting thru your books, give some thought to those old textbooks taking up valuable space.  Do you really need them, and if not, why are they still there?  Might be that you aren't sure what to do with them!

Selling your textbooks online can be simple for even those that are novice computer users.  I like Amazon, where you can research if they will buy the ones you have to offer, and then send them to Amazon at no cost to you!  Check out www.amazon.com/Textbook-Buyback‎.

Also there is no shipping cost at www.sellbackyourbook.com.  Sometimes one site will pay more than another, so be sure to 
check them both.  Other sites exist as well., so go online and google "Sell textbooks online" and see what you find.  It's great getting
back your extra bookshelf space and a bit of extra $$ is always a great incentive.  
That good ol' garbage disposal needs attention every once in a while.  I don't know why, but putting ice down the drain, then running cold water and running the disposal is the practice needed.  I use about 3-6 cups of ice.  I usually like to rotate the ice in my ice maker every few weeks, so I just dump that into the drain and then I am not wasting the ice and I have fresh ice all the time.  If you want to add some freshness, add lemon peels.  

It can be a real pain to have to stop and sew on a button that came off your clothing--or worse yet, having to go out and buy a matching button which was lost when it came off.  To help prevent buttons from coming off in the first place, put a dot of clear nail polish over the thread which is holding on the buttons.  Do so before you NEED to.  Right when you purchase clothing with buttons, get out your clear nail polish and put on those dots of polish right over the threads even before your first wearing!  That way you won't forget!

Once you are organized, it gives great calm to your life, as well as other advantages.

Having decluttered and gotten rid of unneeded and unwanted stuff, you now have the advantage of spending time doing things other than looking for something, which used to be quite time consuming--right?!  You can now clean up quickly after a meal or project at the kitchen table or your bedroom and easily and keep things where they need to be so you aren't buying something you already have (but couldn't find) or realizing that you hadn't taken care of something since it was at the bottom of a huge pile covered by your college textbooks which you hadn't looked at in 10 years!  Sometimes you can get the feeling of having a whole new wardrobe!

With more time now, you can focus on what is truly important--spend your time how you wish, whether it be with family or friends or snuggled up with a good book that had been on your "to read" list for six months!  The joys of being organized are endless.  You owe it to yourself to join the declutters and get the rewards of the new life.

Keeping your kitchen organized is sometimes a challenge.  One thing that you can do, is to keep the refrigerator cleared of all food items that are expired or are not going to be eaten.  We like to do this on trash day, once a week.  Leftovers still in the fridge from that restaurant you loved or the big dinner you made last Tuesday?  If they are still good, put them into a see through storage container so they'll get eaten quickly and not allowed to spoil.  Check your fridge door every six months for expired salad dressings, sauces etc.  Replace any that you would be lost without by adding it to your weekly grocery list.  

Look at all the fruits and veggies and determine if any are bad and need to be thrown away.  If so, do it.  If they are getting close, note that these need to be used up quickly.  You can keep a wipe off white board on the refridgerator door to leftovers that are needing to be eaten up, so when you or the family are in a rush they can look at the list before opening the door to decide what would be a good snack or meal.  It saves electricity, as we can all be guilty of standing in front of the open door letting the cold out forever trying to figure out what to have!  Keep those items that you are "pushing" this week at eye level so they can also be seen right away when opening up the door.   What ideas do you have?  Please share them in comments.
Studies show that the majority of people think donating organs is a good idea, but they don't seem to "get around" to registering. Leaving your family instead to have to make this decision at a very emotional time is often simply too tough. Decide today and go to donatelife.net to join the registry for your state, and be sure to also discuss your wishes with your family members. You are truly giving the gift of life.  

You Have the Power to Donate Life. Register as an Organ, Eye and Tissue Donor Today.