It seems more and more stores have their own rewards cards now.  I used to keep them on my keychain, but now there is an easier way--store them all in your phone with the free app CardStar.  The app simply stores a picture of each one (which you can take with the phone, or upload from your computer) and get rid of the hard copy.  The barcodes can be scanned right at the store from your phone.  Having your phone with you anyway makes this an easier solution to keep yourself organized and prepared.  
When organizing in your linen closet, be sure to first take everything out of the closet, ditching anything that is expired or you no longer use--cold meds, eye drops, any over the counter drugs, as well as Rx items.  Put all "like" things together and evaluate how much shelf space you will need for each.

When putting items back, it is easy to use the bottom of shoe boxes to put drugs back within categories--tummy and digestive items together, cold and cough together etc-- so when you aren't feeling well they are easy to locate and choose from. I like putting these on an eye level shelf as I want things as easy as possible when I don't feel well.   For the linens, use other shelves, putting all sheets for one size bed together and then putting towels together by size.  Thread bare towels should be added to your rag basket.  Sheets you no longer use, or have rips and stains should be added as rags or ditched.  I like to have no more than two sets for each size bed.  

Stand back when you are done and admire your work.  The extra space will serve you well!  Congratulations!

Many people use the long Thanksgiving weekend to decorate for Chanukah or Christmas.  As you pull out your decorations, be sure to get rid of any you know you won't be using.  Sometimes the beauty of the few can be hidden by an overload of many.  
When organizing paper, the job can sometimes seem overwhelming.  Remember the rule for each piece of paper--act, retain or ditch.  

If it is something that requires action--a bill, sending a card, returning something--it goes in a pile to be acted upon.  Set a time on your calendar to attend to these!  Is there time right after you are done sorting?  That is the best option.  

Maybe it is something that you need to keep button action is required--car insurance policy, statements from your broker--so your second pile is for filing.  Set another time on your calendar to file these if it is a large pile, or handle the sheet only once by filing it now.  I like to do this once a day so that the pile never gets too large.  

Ditch is the other option.  This is something you don't need or want anymore--=the thank you note for a gift you sent your aunt, the hard copy of the webpage for the blouse you thought you wanted to buy and decided against, a solicitation for money to a group you don't wish to support or what many simply just call JUNK MAIL.  

Sometimes, you aren't sure if you should keep it.  Ask yourself :  Is it something that can be replaced if I need it?  Maybe by going online? Or scan it into your computer for later reference if the need arises. Good options if you aren't sure.  

Get rid of messy piles of paper on your desk and counters.  You'll feel much better when you do!

For those not fortunate enough to live in a warm climate all year, the cold weather may be coming very soon.  Pull out your boots, coats, gloves and all cold weather outerwear to see what to actually keep and use this year, and get rid of the rest!  A glove with no mate?  Ditch.  A coat that is just not for you anymore may be ideal for someone in a local shelter.  A worn out filthy scarf from 20 years ago that you haven't worn in ages--time to go in the trash.  Get the items you have "winter ready" by insuring they are clean and can be used promptly when you awaken soon and find the temp wayyyyyyy  lower than you had hoped!  Stay warm!