I am constantly telling you readers--along with my clients--to get rid of anything in your closet that you never wear.  A lot of people look at me and say "I don't even know what I no longer wear!"

Here is an easy way to find out, and the perfect time to do so.  Tomorrow is the last day of the year.  Turn all the hangers backwards in your closet.  (See photo)  When you wear something, be sure when you put it back that you hang the hanger the other direction, as one normally would.  Anything still hung backwards on 12/31/2017 is something you need to ditch.  That means, pass along, donate or trash if it is no longer of use to anyone.  This a an easy chore, and something you can do NOW!  Happy new year!  And happy organizing!

According to Teresa at POPSUGAR, you can do some mini-organizing of your closet at the same time you switch out your summer clothes to fall and winter clothing!  I agree!  Here is her suggestion on how to evaluate each item as you consider it going into the storage area.  

  • Does it fit? Or has it recently fit? If it's been more than five years (that is what Teresa says--I say two!) and you are not in the process of already losing or gaining weight so that it will likely fit by next year, then it's time to find a new home.
  • Does it flatter my figure?
  • Is it comfortable?
  • Do I love/hate it?
  • Did I put it on and take it off instead of wearing it out last season? 
  • Is it severely outdated? 
  • Is there someone who might be thrilled to wear this? If you have a friend or relative who might enjoy the clothes, tell her what you are doing, but ask her to come at the end of the day to go through the plastic bags for charity at HER HOUSE, not yours (or better yet, drop off the bags for her to go through) . . . she can drop off what she doesn't take at the charity drop-off spot. You want to get those bags out of your house before you have a chance to go pull something out to keep.