Thinking ahead and preparing for emergencies is always a good idea.  Do you have a flashlight available with fresh batteries and know where it is?  Is there a battery powered radio in your home, or better yet a solar crank style one for use when power goes out?  Is there a first aid kit in your car?  These are two easy ones.  What else is there to think about?  All these items are available at Amazon.  

What about car accidents?  Being submerged after an accident can be so frightening as you find yourself unable to open the car door to get out.  Breaking the safety glass is a near impossibility.  There is a small tool that can be added to your keychain which can break your car's safety glass and cut your seatbelt if you cannot release it yourself.  For $12 it is a great insurance policy. Resqme Car Escape Rescue Tool.  Being in the ignition, it makes it easy to find in this dire emergency.  

What ideas do you have for being prepared for emergencies?  Share them here in comments so others can learn your important tips.  



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