Plan now for extra money next April.  Little things like purging your closet and donating no longer wanted clothes helps you and someone in need.  You get a tax deduction and they get greatly needed clothing!  Choose a charity like Goodwill or Salvation Army and be sure to get a receipt and keep a list of exactly what you donated.  See http://satruck.org/donation-value-guide to determine the value of each item donated.  If the item is no longer of use to anyone--DITCH IT, or cut it up and put it in the rags bin.  Some of my best rags are old cotton shirts!

Clothing must be in reasonably good condition and clean. Items that may no longer be of need to you may be of good use to someone else.  Get started now.  Remember you can only deduct from this years taxes what you donate during this year.  As the holidays approach it will be good to have this task out of the way instead of having it on your to do list!



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