That junk drawer in the kitchen has been driving you CRAZY, right?  It's easy to organize with these few step.

1.  Take everything out and ditch any trash in the process.  Put like items together in piles.  You will see from my after picture that all pens and pencils are together, camera items, matches, letter openers, paper pad and post-its.  

2.  Evaluate the kind of dividers you will need.  I use the products at The Container Store, or for those on a super tight budget, I use the type from Staples or Office Depot.  Both work well.

3.  Wipe out the bottom of your drawer and either clean or replace the drawer liner.  I like the "spongy"
type since it prevents items from moving and can be washed easily with soap and water in your sink, or on gentle in the washing machine.  Place the liner back into the drawer carefully.

4.  Put in your divider trays and take the like items into each compartment.  Hopefully this is a system that works well for you as it has for my clients.  But, it may require a "freshening up" every six months to a year.

5.  Enjoy the calm of a an organized "junk drawer."



09/20/2014 10:49am

I never thought about putting things in piles before deciding upon the containers needed. I always tried to make things work, which doesn't go too well. What a fresh idea! Thanks!


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