It is always good for glasses wearers to have a back up pair.  But more than one back up is a bit excessive.  Do you have some that you keep meaning to get rid of but haven’t done so?  Now is the time!  You can simply pack in a padded mailer and send off to New Eyes for the Needy where eyeglasses in good condition are sent to medical missions and international charitable organizations for distribution to the poor in developing nations.  Send to

New Eyes

549 Millburn Avenue

P.O. Box 332

Short Hills, NJ 07078

Make sure to include your name and address for them to send a receipt. 

Other places are also available to recycle your old glasses.  You can bring them to Costco’s vision department and the Lion’s Club.



10/22/2014 9:54am

Thanks for the eyeglass donation information!


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