We live near DisneyWorld so we get a LOT of guests.  Whether you are like us and have loads of guests, or just infrequently invite people to stay overnight, the goal is the same--to have them enjoy the time and feel at home.

In addition, I like  my home to stay organized while people are here, so I try to make their room conducive to that goal.  I have a luggage rack in the guest room and keep any extra supplies they may have forgotten such as a toothbrush, travel sized toiletries and even asprin and Advil in a basket in their bathroom.  Both the bedroom and their bath have a nightlight, and I also keep a glass of water by the bed.  I make sure there is a trashcan in the room and offer them a key so they can come and go as they wish.  We give them our WiFi password, and have phone chargers in their room, which always seems appreciated.  A selection of magazines have been a hit for when there is some down time.  Extra toilet paper and additional liquid soap are below the sink and it is many times wise to keep a toilet plunger there as it might be uncomfortable for the guest to request such an item when needed.  Fresh flowers upon arrival is a nice plus and keeping a fan in the closet for those times that it might be needed has the advantage of being available without having to disturb one of us.  In addition, I politely request that all their belongings be kept in their room and with the threat to small children that their things will otherwise be sold on eBay, that usually works.  Thus far, no postings on eBay!  What hints do you have to make guests feel welcome, while keeping your home in order at the same time?



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