Keeping your kitchen organized is sometimes a challenge.  One thing that you can do, is to keep the refrigerator cleared of all food items that are expired or are not going to be eaten.  We like to do this on trash day, once a week.  Leftovers still in the fridge from that restaurant you loved or the big dinner you made last Tuesday?  If they are still good, put them into a see through storage container so they'll get eaten quickly and not allowed to spoil.  Check your fridge door every six months for expired salad dressings, sauces etc.  Replace any that you would be lost without by adding it to your weekly grocery list.  

Look at all the fruits and veggies and determine if any are bad and need to be thrown away.  If so, do it.  If they are getting close, note that these need to be used up quickly.  You can keep a wipe off white board on the refridgerator door to leftovers that are needing to be eaten up, so when you or the family are in a rush they can look at the list before opening the door to decide what would be a good snack or meal.  It saves electricity, as we can all be guilty of standing in front of the open door letting the cold out forever trying to figure out what to have!  Keep those items that you are "pushing" this week at eye level so they can also be seen right away when opening up the door.   What ideas do you have?  Please share them in comments.


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