Old textbooks can take up valuable bookshelf space. Sell them and make more space and money!
Bookshelf space can be very valuable!  Sorting thru your books, give some thought to those old textbooks taking up valuable space.  Do you really need them, and if not, why are they still there?  Might be that you aren't sure what to do with them!

Selling your textbooks online can be simple for even those that are novice computer users.  I like Amazon, where you can research if they will buy the ones you have to offer, and then send them to Amazon at no cost to you!  Check out www.amazon.com/Textbook-Buyback‎.

Also there is no shipping cost at www.sellbackyourbook.com.  Sometimes one site will pay more than another, so be sure to 
check them both.  Other sites exist as well., so go online and google "Sell textbooks online" and see what you find.  It's great getting
back your extra bookshelf space and a bit of extra $$ is always a great incentive.  


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