Once you are organized, it gives great calm to your life, as well as other advantages.

Having decluttered and gotten rid of unneeded and unwanted stuff, you now have the advantage of spending time doing things other than looking for something, which used to be quite time consuming--right?!  You can now clean up quickly after a meal or project at the kitchen table or your bedroom and easily and keep things where they need to be so you aren't buying something you already have (but couldn't find) or realizing that you hadn't taken care of something since it was at the bottom of a huge pile covered by your college textbooks which you hadn't looked at in 10 years!  Sometimes you can get the feeling of having a whole new wardrobe!

With more time now, you can focus on what is truly important--spend your time how you wish, whether it be with family or friends or snuggled up with a good book that had been on your "to read" list for six months!  The joys of being organized are endless.  You owe it to yourself to join the declutters and get the rewards of the new life.



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