I recently read in one of my favorite magazines about an easy way to clean the interior surfaces of my oven without having to use the smelly, heat-producing, high energy wasting self-clean feature.  I had to try it first before sharing it and indeed it worked great!!

First clean off any food or crumbs by wiping out the oven.  Then combine baking soda and water to make a paste.  Spread it on the room temperature surfaces you want to clean and close the door and leave it overnight. Don't turn on the oven at all.  In the morning, use damp paper towels or a damp rag to fully wipe out the paste along with the yucky grease and grime!  I also understand it is better on the oven itself, as the self-cleaning cycles can wear out your oven far sooner!  Let me know if you find this easy and helpful--I sure did.


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