Wondering what to do with all that paper that keeps piling up?  In my business, the paper is always the hardest work to tackle.  What will we need?  What don't we need?  

I like to use January to purge no longer needed paperwork from last year.  If you get an annual  summary  statement from your broker, do you really need to keep the monthly statements?  If your health insurance has paid your claim and the doctor is paid off, do you need those old EOBs (Explanation of Benefits) from the insurance company?  If it is something you will need for filing taxes, such as your property tax bill or a receipt from a charitable donation, make a folder for 2014 taxes and pop it in so you will know where to find it! when you are ready to work on preparing your taxes.

Be sure to shred anything with personal information. A small home shredder is a good investment.  Try Office Depot or Staples and watch for a good sale.

Keeping up with paperwork daily and then annually really helps keep paper under control.  And more control of the clutter can make 2015 a very good year.



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