When starting your decluttering process, you must first determine what is clutter.  Clutter is anything that does not serve a purpose or bring you great joy.  

Your mixer you got for your birthday which works great and has a home in the kitchen...not clutter.  The sweater you never wear which has been in your closet the last two years because your mom gave it to you and even though you hate it and will never wear it is still there...CLUTTER!  The new cat toy that your cat has zero interest in...CLUTTER!  The dish soap next to the sink...not clutter.  The earrings you love that you wear every New Year's Eve still sitting at your front door from when you came home new year's morning at 4 a.m...not clutter, but they need a home.  Keeping all your earrings together, you know where they go, so put them there.  

If it is determined to be clutter, donate or ditch.  If it is not clutter, make sure it has a home.  Now you know, so get to work!


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