Face it...when we are sick we don't have a lot of patience.  So whether it is diarrhea or a sore throat, we want to get help fast and usually get into bed to give the meds time to work.  

Looking into your linen closet on the shelves you keep your health aids may be a bit frightening.  There is more there than you could ever use and it is time to purge and organize it, now before you are next sick and need to find something and can't.

First take everything off the shelf (or shelves if you have more than one!!)  Get rid of anything that is expired or something you will never use again.  See my previous post about getting rid of medications properly, if you don't recall.  Wipe down the shelves so that you are putting things back in a clean area.

Now, place like items together.  You see this a lot in my posts--a cardinal rule for all organizing.  Everything for the tummy in one area, everything for aches and pains in another, colds and flu remedies will have their space, etc.  Put them back in so that there is an easy process the next time you want to find something for that aching head--without having to wade through everything else!



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