The Washington Post had a terrific article about replacing stress and chaos in your life with calm, simply by getting organized.  They had four suggestions in the article.  They are listed here with my comments.

1.  STEP OUTSIDE THE CHAOS  As we have discussed, you need to have a vision of the life you want.  You want to know where you are going before you begin.  Close your eyes and imagine your home without clutter, and organization instead in its place.

2.  DO IT NOW  Alexandra Hughes, of In Essence coaching in Alexandria VA, said "Decluttering space may be the first step in decluttering one's time and mind."  So with decluttering, you not only free up more closet space, take a tax donation for items donated to charity, bring joy to friends that you pass along unneeded items, but you also get the calm of your mind to make better use of your time.

3.  REFINE HOUSEHOLD SYSTEMS  I like using my phone for all my appointments, even if they are with myself.  Today I had an appointment noted for writing this blog entry.  With my calendar in my phone, it allows me to have my schedule always with me, adjust them when an emergency arises and keep on track.  I combine errands this way and stick to  my lists.  It makes life simpler and relaxes what could otherwise be a day of chaos. 

4.  TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF  As the flight attendants tell us, please secure your mask before that of your child, we know that without giving time to ourselves for a bubble bath, a manicure, time to listen quietly to a podcast, reading a good book, sitting on the porch and enjoying the sunshine or just petting your cat, these times for ourselves are very important.  Be sure to schedule those times in.

Think also of the happiness you will bring others in your home when they live with a calmer, happier YOU!


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