Keeping your bathroom organized can lead to stress free mornings as you get ready for your day.  HGTV recommends some good iteas from famed Professional Organizer Julie Morgenstern, including these:

1.  Organize your medicine cabinet.  As one of my earlier blog posts states, keep this area cleaned out of any expired products--prescriptions and otherwise.  Use this valuable space for items you use regularly.
2.  Control hair product clutter.  Products you never use anymore?  Donate, give-away or ditch.  No need taking up space with things you don't need.
3.  Add creative towel space.  As seen in the photo above, you can use the area above the toilet for folded fresh towels, or add hooks to hang towels.  Easy to hang removable hooks are available inexpensively from Home Depot or Lowe's.  I like the 3M Command brand.  
4.  Divide and Conquer your Make Up.  Now is the time to sort through and ditch old or no longer used make-up.  Have some you bought that is still new but you don't want it?  Donate it to a local women's shelter.  They'd love to have it and you are giving them that joy while freeing up valuable space in those bathroom drawers for yourself.  
5.  Reassess the shower caddy.  So many options are available for your shower caddy--over the showerhead, suction shelves or corner caddies.  All seem tough to keep clean and get overcrowded with no longer used shampoos or conditioners.  Sort through what is in yours and get it down to just what you actually use.  Need a smaller one?  Get what fits your needs and pass along the one that simply begs to be filled with unneeded bottles!  Take off the caddy and run it through the dishwasher from time to time to keep it clean.
6.  Claim the space over your toilet.  Use this area for extra toilet tissue, towels or other items.  No sense wasting space when it is there and easy to use.  

These tips, along with others you may already be using, will help to keep your area e



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