When organizing in your linen closet, be sure to first take everything out of the closet, ditching anything that is expired or you no longer use--cold meds, eye drops, any over the counter drugs, as well as Rx items.  Put all "like" things together and evaluate how much shelf space you will need for each.

When putting items back, it is easy to use the bottom of shoe boxes to put drugs back within categories--tummy and digestive items together, cold and cough together etc-- so when you aren't feeling well they are easy to locate and choose from. I like putting these on an eye level shelf as I want things as easy as possible when I don't feel well.   For the linens, use other shelves, putting all sheets for one size bed together and then putting towels together by size.  Thread bare towels should be added to your rag basket.  Sheets you no longer use, or have rips and stains should be added as rags or ditched.  I like to have no more than two sets for each size bed.  

Stand back when you are done and admire your work.  The extra space will serve you well!  Congratulations!



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