Professional organizers love to share ideas with one another about what works well with clients.  Getting out the door each morning can be a real challenge to many working people, so here are a few hint--my own and others!

1.  ​Sharon Lowenheim, the Organizing Goddess, tell us " should first do the things that MUST be done (like showering, dressing, packing up lunch) before the things that are optional (like looking at Facebook)," she says. "Once you do the things that must be done in order to leave the house, then you know how much time is left to do the optional things. Doing it the other way around leads to delays and panic, and often results in leaving late."

2.  I like to get lunches all prepared and packed up the night before--one less thing to have to do in the morning really helps.  

3.  Anything I have to take with me I put right by the door I use to go into the garage.  That means any returns to a store I might plan to make on my way home, or coupons for groceries I might pick up at lunch hour.  My keys live by the door, so I always know where to find them, and I hang my purse on a hook right beside the keys.  Doing this prep work the night before leads to a calmer morning all around.

4.  Make sure other household members are set for what they will need so you don't hear your husband calling out "Where did I put my black shoes?" at 6:45 a.m!!

5.  Set out your clothing the night before.( I usually first check the weather app in my phone to know the temps for the next day.)  This is an enormous time saver, and who wants to have to make decisions at 6 a.m. anyway?

6.  Be sure you have on hand whatever you use for your breakfast, so you aren't having to think of plan B when you realize you are out of cereal. 

7.  Some people prefer to shower at night, instead of the morning.  If that is you, it probably gives you a bit of extra time to sip on your coffee early in the day.

8.  Set a timer when you get in the shower.  This works great for many that would stay in far too long otherwise.  I once met a woman who told me she never has a shower less than 20 minutes!  Yikes!  Trimming that to 5 gave her 15 minutes extra every morning.  And, the added bonus that her skin was probably far less dry!

9.  Take time to BREATHE at some point and just enjoy the fact that it is a beautiful outside and you are going to have a GREAT day!


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