Some people find it very tough to decide what to pack when travel is upcoming.  A few helpful hints might be something to keep in mind to lower your stress when packing.  

Be sure any clothes you bring are wrinkle-free.  Bringing neutral colors can help in mixing and matching.  Also, rolling rather than folding many pieces of clothing can help you make great use of the space in your suitcase while minimizing the possibility of wrinkles.  Putting your belts around the edges of the suitcase makes great use of limited space.  If you pack right, you may even be able to bring it as a carry-on.  The max size for carry on is 21 X 14 X 9.  If you're checking bags, be sure to put in a small carry on case a toothbrush, your medication, and a sweater, as airplane can sometime be very chilly. 


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