In the Parade magazine which arrived along with my Sunday paper this morning, the cover article was about HGTV's Property Brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott.  I have friends that love their reality show about fixing up your current home, or purchasing a new one.  The article states that they do 50 full-blown renovations each year.  WOW!  They must be busy guys.  

They have a list of five changes that make a BIG difference--Number 1 is DECLUTTERING!  You don't need to spend a fortune on getting your home redone!  You can do it, sometimes with the help of a Professional Organizer, and declutter and see the beauty created by getting rid of STUFF!  Remember the rule--if it doesn't bring you great joy or serve a purpose, it is CLUTTER!  You are also helping someone else as you pass along those things in good condition to a shelter, Goodwill, or another non-profit of your choosing.  Get a receipt for your donations and you get the tax benefit next April 15!  

Start now and see your home--and you--transform into a place of calm.


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