The most important rule of organizing I have mentioned a few times--but always good for a refresher:  Whatever does not either bring great joy or serve a purpose is clutter.  Clutter you need to get rid of to organize what you do have and want to keep and allow calm to enter your life.  

Here are a few more ideas that might resonate with you as you undertake getting organized.

1.  One in One out Rule  This refers to each time your bring a new item into the home then one must be gotten rid of.  If you get a new pair of jeans because you have lost lots of weight, find an old pair to get rid of, or if you want to keep the extra pair, pick out a blouse or sweater that is shot or no longer makes you feel smashing and give that a new home at Goodwill or in the trash, depending how bad it is.  Maybe you are trying to build up your clothing though.  In that case check your kitchen.  Do you really need that hand mixer you haven't used since the 90s?  Time for it to go.  You get the idea.

2.  Mark boxes  This is especially important if your bins or boxes are not see-thru, like some of the Tupperware type bins are.  Make sure they are well marked so EVERYONE in the house knows what is inside so they too will put things back where they belong.  Use a label maker if you have one, or simple masking tape on all sides of the box with large hand printing is great.  

3.  Get rid of duplicates  How many can openers do you really need?  One, so get rid of the extra.  You have 3 pair of orange socks that you wear once a year at Halloween?  And how about soup bowls?  How often do you serve 27 people at once?  Ok, point made!  

More hints to come.  Stay tuned and visit often.  We love having you.  Happy organizing!


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