Going to The Container Store, or someplace similar is one of the best parts of my job as a Professional Organizer.  What I need to constantly remind my clients, though, is this is a step only taken after full decluttering is done.  You first need to know what you are keeping to know how best to use products that may help that space be more organized.  As exciting as it may seem to get that custom closet built, there is no sense ordering it until you have fully gotten rid of everything you won't be keeping.  Or desk accessories may seem great, but not yet--finish that desk decluttering first.  I just did my pantry and got lots of cool tiered shelving.  I couldn't do that though until I purged what I knew either didn't belong there, or was something I wasn't keeping.  You may LOOK at http://www.containerstore.com, but no buying remember until you are done decluttering that area!



12/20/2016 9:03am

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