There are a couple of ways to deal with clutter around your house that are certainly among the WORST in my book!  The first is to DO NOTHING.  As much as you may "wish" it would go away, it won't.  Many clients I have worked with tried that tactic for months or years and then realized that isn't gonna work.  You need to tackle it, and the sooner you do so, the sooner the calm will start entering your life.  

The other advise, which I love the way Real Simple stated it in their January 2014 issue, "Thou shalt not transfer clutter!  Don't bury the den to save the dining room."  Sometimes, we think if we just set this pile over in another room, that will work.  WRONG!  It needs to be handled.  

In doing so, remember you need to look at the items causing the clutter and determine if each serves a purpose or brings you great joy.  If neither apply, it's clutter.  At that point you need to determine if it could still be of use to someone else or should be trashed.  Maybe it could go to a friend, a charity or a family member.  Remember, nobody wants your JUNK, so if it is trash, admit it and put in the trash can.  If you are keeping it, you must find a home for it.  Clearing out cupboards and closets allows for you to have space to keep those things you want.  Let me know how you do.  I can see calm entering your life as you declutter those many areas in your home.  



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