I recently read the following online:

Chris Ducker who has the podcast, “Youpreneur” said, “if it isn’t scheduled, it won’t get done.” 

WOW!  Is that ever true with me!  I like to have everything scheduled, including time to organize.  I fully reorganize my pantry twice a year, and it is on the calendar to repeat every 6 months.  I do the same with fully cleaning out the dryer vent and cleaning the inside of the washing machine by running thru an empty "load" with white vinegar.  In replacing the air filter in the AC, I would never remember to do so without it on the calendar each month.  We like to have the AC serviced once a year, so again, I put it on the calendar and I am sure to do it.  Not noted on calendar, I would forget for sure.  

Think about things you  need to schedule so you too won't forget...then add those on your phone or paper calendar, whichever you keep.  It makes life so much easier to have those reminders appear in front of you when reviewing the calendar!  And, making life easier is what it is all about, right?


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