Moving can seem like an overwhelming task to any of us.  And, you certainly don't want to move anything you don't need or want, so be sure to resolve only to pack those things that are NOT clutter.  What is that?  Anything that brings you great joy or serves a purpose.  Otherwise, it is time to donate, ditch or pass along to someone else that can use it.

Andrew Mellen, an expert on order in NYC gave some great guidelines in the August 2016 Real Simple magazine on starting actions for you as you move.  

"Work backwards from your end date, scheduling manageable blocks for packing-- and mark them on your calendar and set a timer" he says.  Also, "If you're 3 weeks out or less, consider yourself down to the wire.  Stop thinking about living in your home and begin thing of it as camping"  He goes on to suggest that you set aside a week's worth of clothes and essentials for each of you in the household.  That way, everything else is free game to pack.  I think it is also always good to pack one box marked as FIRST BOX, which should be loaded last onto the truck and off-loaded first!  This should contain things like paper towels, toilet tissue, soap--anything you need immediately that first day so you don't have to go searching.  Every time I have moved that has made it lots easier for me.  I hope these ideas help you as well.


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