One of the hardest areas most of my clients find is paperwork. Among that paperwork are your instructions to tell survivors what to do in the event of your death. A lot of us don't like facing that reality, but it's truly a gift to leave this information for your loved ones to help them in their time of grief. 

Be sure to include amongst your paperwork for the survivors:

  • location of your safe deposit box and the key
  • location of your will and estate planning documents. A copy of your will should be outside of your safe deposit box and easy to access. 
  • where to get your medical coverage information and policies
  • Social Security or veterans administration records to identify those for their ease of potential benefits
  • Life insurance policies are certainly very important.  State where these are stored and what steps should be taken to collect the funds. 
  • title documents and other records relating to your assets such as deeds, stocks, bonds, bank accounts, deposits, retirement plans and vehicle titles should all be easily accessible.
  • list of debt such as your home mortgage your car loans should be available and up-to-date. 
  • Names and contact info of any of your professional advisors including your lawyer
  •  If you operate a business a list of your key employees.

This is important.  Schedule a time on your calendar NOW to get this reviewed.  


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