As we all know, stuff can easily fill up the kids’ rooms. As the parents of the little ones we must do a weekly sweep and pull out any items that kids don’t love or use often. If you have to ask yourself when they last played with a toy, it’s time to send that toy to a new home.As they get older, involve her/him more in the process.  Eventually she/he will need to take this job over as one of the weekly chores.  (You may need to double check after they claim they are "all done."  :)

These are ideas that come from a Montessori classroom. Everything is accessible to the child, and everything has a home. Toys are kept to a minimum, but all of the toys are high quality and can withstand constant use. Your child will need to be able to pull out his puzzles from the shelf but then can easily put them away when he’s done. This is the goal: to make the kids self-sufficient and able to keep up with the system.


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