An organized freezer is a big help! And, here's the thing, the longer you leave your freezer open looking for something, the more cold you are letting out and therefore the more energy you are wasting.  A disorganized freezer can require that it stay open a long time as you look for what your need!

My freezer, as well as many others, has bins sectioning off areas to make it easy to find things...once organized.  I like clear containers, so I can easily identify what is inside each one.  I make up categories, and keep like items together.  (Remember the instructions on getting that junk drawer organized--same process.)  Take everything out of the freezer and place it on the counter.  Get rid of anything you and your family will never use or is clearly way out of date.  I then put all bread items together--frozen waffles my husband has made, loaves of bread from Costco, hot dog buns etc.  All veggies are in another area, and all desserts in a third, etc.  I then reload the freezer, putting on the bottom those items used least frequently and the most used items at the top and in the front.  I then take a quick peek inside the freezer before grocery shopping to be sure we are well stocked on veggies and other items we use regularly.  Try it at your house and see if it doesn't make life a lot easier.  


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