Recently WebMD had a great piece about decluttering,

For example, they suggest putting up hooks and shelves to clear the clutter that accumulates so easily at the entryway to the home.  For an overstuffed pantry, they agree with me--purge through and discard items that are expired.  I like to add that donating NON-expired items to a food drive which you find and know you and your family won't use will also provide extra space as you reload the pantry in categories to make finding what you need easily.

With the mail flowing in each day,WebMD says to change to get as much possible online.  I pay all our bills online and love it.  I think there is more you can do in addition, as mail that keeps coming can easily create a huge pile even after only a week.  Be sure to sort and process it each day.  Open it over your trashcan and pitch anything you know you don't want/need.  The rest needs to get properly filed, whether it goes into bills to be paid or file for taxes.  Get it put into the home it needs and avoid a growing pile!  To get on the Do Not Mail list through the Direct Marketing Association, go to

See the WebMD piece online to discover other ideas.  You will find renewed calm as the clutter moves out from your surroundings.  It is a great feeling!


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