In Heidi Raschke's article"The Great Decluttering Experiment" on, she talks about her 30 days spent organizing her home using various books throughout as guidelines.  Naturally I found it very interesting.  

Almost all of us in the business of being Professional Organizers will tell you it is highly likely that in the process you will discover "found money" right in your home.  Ms Raschke was exceptionally surprised at what she found:

  • A $25 nail salon gift card in a stack of mail
  • Six one-dollar bills tucked into a children’s book
  • Punch cards worth a free pound of coffee beans at my neighborhood coffee shop
  • Punch cards worth a free latte
  • Punch cards worth a free lunch at that soup and sandwich place by my office
  • Punch cards worth a free loaf at Breadsmith
  • A $5 Target gift card
  • Several dollars’ worth of coins
  • And now a thousand dollars [in cash in the back of her lingerie drawer!]

Now, how is that for motivation to get started on YOUR decluttering!  And even better, calm enters your life as you are no longer feeling overwhelmed by STUFF!  Get going--no better time than the present!


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