Here are a few ideas that are quick and easy!  Make your life easier--add more calm with the more decluttering and organizing you do!

--Unsubscribe from email lists that you don't need and simply drive you loony.  I bought something ONE time from a store in Maryland, and finally decided I needed to unsubscribe since they emailed constantly the following week! 

--Keep a fix-it list.  I like mine in my phone so I always have it with me.  That way, when I have time to do a quick job I can look at my list and maybe finally sew on those new buttons for my black jacket!

--Take 40 minutes to clear out and organize your freezer.  Take everything out and place it on a nearby counter.  Wipe out the inside as (if your is like mine) there will be plenty of crumbs!  Ditch what is too old, give away to a friend anything you don't like but others may, and then put back everything in categories.  I have all my veggies together, desserts in another area, main course items in another section, etc.  

--Dump out your make-up bag and ditch old or no longer used items and restock.  

--Take all the trash out of your car.  

Give these a try.  Let me know as you think of others.  I feel the calm entering my life already....



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