This month in Men's Health there was a great article about being more productive by having an organized desk.   I totally agree!

They focused on four areas:

Identify the Essentials:  Figure out what you need regularly in your desk work and make sure it is accessible.  Those you use most should be closest to you.--I like having right at my fingertips my computer keyboard, my glasses, my water bottle, phone and a pen.    Those not as crucial can be further away or within drawers or closets.  

Start Making Piles:  Taking everything into one big pile and then sorting thru and making other smaller piles works best for me.  This might be "keep,” “take home,” “to do,” and “trash,”  which doesn't even go in a pile but instead goes right into the trashcan under my desktop.  Then, get to work filing in the proper place anything that is being kept and prioritizing all in the TO DO area.  

Give Everything a Place:  As with other areas of your home, I always repeat that everything must have a home.  If you don't have a place it is kept, is it really clutter?
And make sure to keep like items together.  I have 3 sizes of paper clips, but keep them right in a row so I can change the size easily f there are papers added or deleted.  

Think About Upgrading:  One of the things my clients love is going to the Container Store or going online to Amazon and ordering cool containers, binders, bins etc.  I agree it is fun, but nothing should be purchased until you see what you are keeping after your decluttering is COMPLETE!

You might like to read the entire piece.  They have some ideas that differ from mine above.  Whatever works for YOU is the right way!  Give it a try.  You will be more productive and certainly  your life far more calm.


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