When looking at the NIH site today their tips to prevent falls, I saw the NUMBER ONE tip  is to declutter!  They said (my italics addition):

  • An important step toward preventing falls at home is to remove anything that could cause you to trip or slip while walking. Tripping on clutter, small furniture, pet bowls, electrical or phone cords, or other things can cause you to fall. Slipping on rugs or slick floors can also cause falls.

There are lots of other reasons to declutter, but this should go to the top of your list, as none of us wants a fall--many of which can result in very serious results.  No better day than today to start decluttering.  Clear away anything in your walking path, including your steps!  You'll be glad you did!

See https://nihseniorhealth.gov/falls/homesafety/01.html for other great suggestions on fall prevention!


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