1.  Put things away immediately after use.

2.  Throw out items that are no longer of use.

3.  Pass along or donate any clothes you have that don't make you feel great when you put them on.

4.  Go through your make up and toiletries and get rid of items you don't use anymore.  Then, refrain from buying new products you don't really need.  

5.  Whenever you are called upon to donate to a food drive, clear out your pantry of anything your family no longer eats or doesn't want.  Remember to donate only unopened products which are not expired .  Glass containers are discouraged strongly, but if still good neighbor or friend might be able to take those for their own use.

6.  Don't take things simply because they are free if you have no use for it.  Don't buy something just because it is a great price.  You'll save even more by not buying it at all.

7.  Process your incoming mail EVERY day.  Ditch anything you don't want or need, like offers to subscribe to magazines you won't read or charities you don't want to give to.  Put bills wherever you keep those to be sure they get paid on time.  I prefer to put mine on automatic payment online which makes it even easier.

8.  Keep your TO DO list in your phone and review it each morning.  Try to combine errands when you are out.  

9.  Have gifts you received that you never will use?  Get rid of them and free up additional space for new memories.  They do no good living in the back of your closet month after month....

10  Keep like items together.  Your phone bill, electric bill, cable bill and others that need to get paid should all be together.  Your camera and your lithium camera batteries and the recharger should all be in one place.  Keep this in mind whenever assigning a place for something.  Everything should have a home.  Don't have space?  What do you have that is keeping some of that valuable space that you don't really need?

More to come...read this blog regularly to learn more about the ease of keeping organized.  


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